Traditional Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido Dojos

Informational Websites

    • World MJER Iaido Federation

      The Federation has been established to help transfer the orthodox flow of MJER Iaido to the future generations. As well as to conduct activities that contribute to preservation promotion and development of other schools.

    • Aikido: The Art of Peace

      This new website is dedicated to sharing information about Aikido through the positive exchange of ideas, experiences, and events between all members of the Aikido community. Please check out this site and do your part to promote Aikido and to foster its growth toward realizing O' Sensei's vision of making humankind 'one family'.

    • Shudokan Budokai

      This martial arts association has many fantastic articles on its website. Reccommended reading for all.

    • Furyu Online

      Wayne Moromoto's fantastic resource is filled with interesting and accurate information, a web rarity!

    • Mega Mall Japan

      This site serves as a central location to easily purchase Japanese products and to find web links to Japanese related sites, including organizations for traditional Japanese budo.

Training Equipment, Swords, Iaito, and Uniforms

    • Tozando (

      For uniforms, Bokken, and iaito, Mountain Wind strongly recommends Tozando, a company based out of Kyoto, Japan. their customer service is outstanding and their prices are fantastic. They are able to produce completely custom iaito and have them shipped within two weeks. Unlike American suppliers who act as middlemen, Tozando is the actual manufacturer of their goods. This insures prompt service and customer support.

      WARNING: There have been several problems with NosyuIaido, aka: The Sword Store. Although they sometimes sell beautiful iaito, the company has failed to resolve issues with their products and service. This warning comes not only from Mountain Wind Aikikai but also from several dojos all over the country. Tozando offers equally beautiful iaito at a fraction of the cost... without the wait and trouble.

Sword Polishing, Refitting, and Koshirae

    • Fred Lohman Company

      A complete service for anything related to swords. Mr. Lohman has a fantastic array of fittings and the craftsmanship to make any martial artist happy. I personally sent a 500 year-old "katsumichi" tachi to Mr. Lohman for partial restoration. The outcome was glorious and i have since sent another blade to be refitted and new saya made. Both swords and koshirae exhibit outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    • Robert Benson

      One of only a couple legitimately licensed togishi, or sword polishers in America. If you want the absolute best, send your sword to Mr. Benson. He has been very kind in helping research old blades. He also sells antique swords and fittings.